Tuesday, July 8, 2008

from Wes

We also got this note from Wes.  Remember we did his room in addition to our planned work?

To say thank you all, Divine Design Volunteers for and from the guys living in 64 Seneca, for our house renovations.
Karen, Kris Janet, Dawn, Karen, Kathy, Lottie, Kathy, Lauretta, Kathy, Paige, Marle, Sue, Peggy, 
Lee Anne and Kim.
Wes, JC, Rodney. Don, Tim, and Dan, we so appreciateall your hard effort and it really improves our living environment one hundred percent.
Thanks so very mucn again.

Please join us thanking God and the people who listened to Him when He prompted them to help us financially with Wes and Dan's room.  After the trip we received financial contributions to cover everything we did for them!

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