Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upstairs at the BirdHouse

We had a distracted meeting of the Upstairs Team. We came to the conclusion that the bedroom is a major challenge, in two ways. It will be challenging to figure out how to make a small bedroom hold 2 men and all of their belongings while making them feel comfortable. It will be a challenge to find the budget that will cover the storage items we will need to do it.

They have alot of stuff in that room!

I was not kidding.

The closet is no help, it is piled to the ceiling already.

We have alot of decisions to make and alot of work to do upstairs......

Prayer Needs:

  • For God to provide the financial support we need for all tasks.
  • For the wisdom to figure out how to make the best out of the bedroom.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What touched us

I am gathering here the words for my art project......

"But if the way were plain and easy, where would be the room for confidence in God?"

"I lost all disposition to murmur at any providence, assured that such a Being could not err in any dispensation."

"Is not this one instance of the power of divine grace more than a compensation for all our days of darkness and distress, formerly spent in preparation for our work?"

"On earth we serve God-in heaven we praise Him".

What shall we render unto the Lord, for all his benefits towards us?

A view of His purity and holiness filled my soul with wonder and admiration

Karen F.
"The sacred Scriptures were sweet to my taste."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ann Judson speaks

This year, we are not doing a bible study in conjunction with trip preparations. Instead, we are reading a book: My Heart in His Hands, Ann Judson of Burma, written by Sharon James. It is the story of the first American woman in foreign missions service. We are reading about the struggles of sickness , politics, lost children, emprisonment, and uncountable more horrible things she endured. But as we are reading about her trials, we are seeing her heart. No matter what was thrown in her path, her focus was always on God. She always trusted that He was in control. It is an amazing and inspirational story.

I would like to make a piece of art for the BirdHouse that uses the thoughts of Ann Judson's missionary heart. I am going to ask the team members to give me a phrase or sentence that was particularly striking. Then, I will go from there.

Several of Ann's thoughts touched me as so truthful:

  • While thus recounting the mercies of God to my soul, I am particularly affected by two considerations: the richness of that grace, which called and stopped me in my dangerous course, and the ungrateful returns I made for so distinguished a blessing.
  • ...constantly to bear in mind that I am in the presence of God.
  • ...the obligation I feel to try to be useful, has induced me to comply.
  • I ought not to consult my own ease; the question should be, how can I be most useful in the world?
  • I am a creature of God and He has an undoubted right to do with me, as seemeth good in His sight.
  • Blessed Jesus, I am thine forever. Do with me what Thou wilt; lead me in the path in which Thou wouldest have me to go, and it is enough.
  • But if the way were plain and easy, where would be the room for confidence in God?

Prayer Needs:

That each team member will connect with God in a deeper way through this service.

Friday, April 11, 2008


The downstairs team met last week to start the process of redecorating their rooms. They are assigned the living room and the dining room of the Bird House. Last year, we did the kitchen in this house, so we will carry the same color palette throughout the downstairs.
dining room.......they really use both of these rooms...our idea is to make the dining room lokk less crowded but still be functional for all the things the men need: eating and studying.
There are two desks and the bookshelves are nearly empty. We would like a more comtemporary dining room table.

Both of the rooms are painted a bright yellow. That will change. Our plan is to get a brand new sofa, one that is comfortable since the men spend time in here watching TV. We would also like a new entertainment center and some art on the walls. New curtains. We will see how much our budget ends up being.
Entertainment center....not bad, but we have dark wood and light wood right now.
Color palette for the downstairs. I am thinking the lighter green color for the walls. The attached kitchen has been painted the gold color. Love the terra cotta for accents.
Our current prayer needs:
  • Please pray for God to provide the financial support we need to do the job.