Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We got this note yesterday from Marilyn, who is the volunteer coordinator at GCH. She has a tough job.  Imagine a busload of people arriving and asking what they should do.  Marilyn is the boss of all of that.  That is why we arrive with a plan and we work the plan without asking for help.  So, how great is it to know that the men are showing off their new home?

Dear Kim, Lee Anne and Worker Girls,

You Rock!!! thank you for the hours of unconditional love, devotion and creative energy. The Bird House has a new and wonderful look and the men are inviting everyone to come and see. Pastor Clark, Don Darin and our staff want to thank each and every one of you Godly women.

We send you our love and we thank God for you. Please know that the Spirit of the Lord has been raised up because of your humble attitudes and hard work.

Much love and thanks,

Marilyn and Staff

Prayer Needs:
  • Praise God that the men were so encouraged by our work!
  • Pray for Marilyn to keep her great attitude and energy

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