Friday, June 27, 2008

Last Day

It got quite warm today.  We would have been in trouble without our encouragement team keeping us in ice and cold water.  It was really good that we had the upstairs of the house finished so we did not have to spend a lot of time up there in the heat.

We found some giant canvases in the basement.  The art team went to work.  One artist painted the background, another printed some scripture.  Hung on the wall, they made a great addition to the room.
This is the extra room we took on today.  Two men live in this room.

Explaining the art of organization to Wes.  Wes lives in the downstairs room with Dan at the BirdHouse.  They have a very small room and when we were finally allowed inside, it was like a cave.  We gave them storage, cleaned up, opened the windows, and tried to teach them how much better if makes you feel to have a tidy refuge from the world.  

Building two more armoires.  These armoires turned out to be the perfect storage system for the men....a place to hang clothes, a couple drawers, and some shelves.  Best of all, the doors close and everything inside is hidden.

We left the BirdHouse and came back to church, where some great people had dinner ready for us.  All team family members were invited.  We sat in the air conditioning, visited, looked at some pictures from the week and ate a great dinner we did not have to make.

This week, we not only accomplished what we had planned, but much more.  It is awesome how God pulled together 14 women from four churches to work as a well oiled machine.  While the work was building and decorating, the real work God sent us to do was encouragement.  We all left feeling the blessings and encouragement came back to us twofold.

Prayer Needs:
  • Praise God that our trip was more than successful and that we had many meaningful conversations with the men of the birdhouse.
  • Please pray that our work continues in the sharing of the story of our mission trip.

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