Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the interior canvas

These are pics of the inside of the house, the spaces we will be changing:

The living room. The plan is to make this room comfy and sturdy for the four men that live here and use this living room alot. It is sunshine yellow, but that will change.

The dining room is also sunshiney. You can see through the dining room into the kitchen. One of the Divine Design teams redid the kitchen last year in a golden color. I think the living room and dining room will take on the same color palette. THe walls might be green with gold and terra cotta accents.

Upstairs bedroom....two men live in here. Everything both of them own is in this room. The biggest challenge will be storage, finding a way to store all of the stuff in the room and have space left over for beds.

This bathroom will be the easiest room on our schedule. It is in good shape, great floor, nice ceiling. We will just paint it and add some storage or lockers, an irong board, cabinets.

Current prayer needs:

  • please pray for God's provision in the money, things and people we will need to complete the project. Team members are working on their support letters for the financial and prayer support we need.